Amusement Company Orchestra

The Amusement Company Orchestra is a collective of Long Beach musicians who have collaborated with Long Beach Cinematheque to create original live scores to The Artist (2013) and Nosferatu (2013, 2017)

“Deriving their name from the Balboa Amusement Production Company, a silent-film studio active in Long Beach between 1913 and 1918, the 11 members of the Balboa Amusement Company Orchestra (piano, drums, upright bass, guitars, woodwind/horns, strings, voice, foley) pulled off the neat trick of evoking the film’s period (The Artist takes place c. 1930) without simply rehashing Ludovic Bource’s Oscar-winning original score, ultimately delivering something more dynamic and…yeah, I’m just gonna say it: fun.”

-Greggory Moore, OC Weekly Contributor