“Thanatos” on Obscure Sound

Thank you Obscure Sound for a great article on the release of the first music video of the series. I am very proud of “Thanatos” and the beginning of the journey.

“Thanatos” is about the Freudian death drive, the self-destructive instinct. Learning to befriend the chaos- the daily practice of quelling those beautiful and exquisite mindbeasts. A toast to all of the tamers of the wild mind… and to the beautiful collaborators who made this vision come to life.

Chapter One, “Thanatos,” is the first chapter of “Nonsense Mouth,” a surreal heroine’s journey about coming into one’s self and picking up some cool new dance moves along the way. In Campbell’s hero’s journey, the first stage is the ordinary world, or the status quo- in the heroine’s journey, the separation from an aspect of self. As Tanya Rubenstein said, the first stage is “a soulful longing, a spiritual longing to reclaim an aspect of self that she has invalidated, forgotten about, pushed away…” Cycles of death and rebirth from inside out- that’s the name of the game, innit?


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