Chapter Two: “Nonsense Mouth” on Obscure Sound

Chapter Two of “Nonsense Mouth” is now out!

Chapter Two of “Nonsense Mouth” is the second phase of the heroine’s journey. This phase is the journey into the unconscious, crossing the threshold to a new psychological landscape, awakening the senses, venturing down the “road of trials” to find our trusty companions- allies and enemies alike. Here they are strange and shadowy and bulbous and glittery- my ego creatures my delusions my fantasies my dishonesties my fears my treefrogs my bump-on-a-logs my scooby-doo chase scenes my disappearances my Meliés-umbrella-alien-poofs. The feeling of little magic neon insects scurrying out from rocks and you’re not sure where the stars are anymore exactly but you just keep moving towards the light…

Obscure Sound has a wonderful writeup on the video in the series, please check it out!


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