Lady in the Microfiche

Back in 2013, Kris Jackson @NatureboyRD and I began working together through Long Beach’s own RIOTstage, the rock n’ roll music theatre brainchild of the late Josh Fischel, our dear friend and founder of Music Tastes Good.

In 2016, we began working on an electronic project together and finally released our first EP at the end of 2019. I am so proud of our collaboration, and we have just released our first music video created by SESIUS. This video is inspired by the idea of leaving behind an old place, shedding old skin, stepping into the unknown.

The track and video are inspired by performance artist Bas Jan Ader, whose last performance piece led him out to sea and he never returned. That old trope of sailing off into the horizon and the dissolution of familiar landscapes is the central theme. That constant desire to seek something external, to adventure beyond.

Please check out our youtube and subscribe to @ladyinthemicrofiche to follow our work! We’ll be back in the studio in March.


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