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Mama did her first podcast! I haven’t used my sassy radio voice since my college days at KUCI. I had a blast talking with Nani about water, sacred restrooms, and sacred work. Particularly the upcoming release of NONSENSE MOUTH this November. Reflecting on my attempts to piece together the disparate works of my youth and finding the throughline of my creative and spiritual journey- and trying to take myself seriously, but not too seriously.

In the end, just trying to get out of my own way and share the music and the weirdness. And to just keep getting better, and growing bigger to meet the size of my dreams… GO BIG, GROW BIG. …I’m talkin’ 64oz hydroflask big.


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Truth be told, I was a nervous nelly about this, but I had the best time ever on the @bundylbc podcast talking about quenching the thirst of the soul, and generally being a silly person. Also I probably am talking about you on this, and if I’m not talking about you I’m thinking about you, so there. Please listen to my #sexypodcastvoice and hear about the tricks and treats coming your way, especially regarding November’s music video release. #longbeachmusic #musictheatre #whowillsaveyoursoul #bathroomsanctuary #thirstymusician #lolpera #composer #frida #sexmoneypower #vaudeville #femalefilmmakers #nonsensemouth #hydroflask @fellowrobot @alyssssandra @rockfornations @postmortemmovement @ginomartez @daniellioooo @herfjerf @the.proffitt @mattkollarsbp

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